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Committee structure

Full Council

The Full Council generally meets four times a year to consider and determine all matters referred to it for decision by the Cabinet and other Council Bodies.

The Council Summons is published on our website a week before the meeting and is available to view along with any associated reports.  Meetings are held at 6.00pm at the Town Hall and public attendance is welcomed.  See our calendar of meetings for full details of Council meetings for the year ahead. 

If you require any information about Council you can contact Local Democracy on 01323 410000 or by email to

Annual Council

Annual Council meets each year, usually in May to elect the Mayor and appoint Councillors to its Committees and other Council bodies.  The Leader of the Council will also advise the Council of the membership of the Cabinet.


The Cabinet comprises the Leader of the Council and five Cabinet Members.  Each has responsibility for a defined service area (portfolio).  Collectively the Cabinet has responsibility for taking day to day decisions within the Council.  Cabinet generally meets eight times a year and meetings are open to the public unless exempt or confidential information is being considered.  

If you require any information about the Cabinet you can contact Local Democracy on 01323 410000 or by email to


The following Committees are appointed by the Council and carry out specific functions given to them under delegated powers and those functions which cannot be exercised by the Cabinet.


Scrutiny Committee meets generally to review the delivery of services as a result of previous council decisions, the performance of existing policies and strategies, the submission of performance indicators and recommend appropriate courses of action to the Council or Cabinet.


The Committee is not confined to looking only at Council services. It can investigate the actions of other companies and organisations whose actions affect Eastbourne residents.


If you require any information about Scrutiny you can contact Local Democracy on 01323 410000 or by email to